Using rules-based artificial intelligence technology from Valspresso, Inc., buy and sell decisions are made automatically.  Every day without human intervention the system makes buy and sell decisions.  This eliminates emotional bias, a key reason why people fail to beat the market.  You have probably heard of behavioral finance.  In a nutshell, behavioral finance explains why people make bad financial decisions.  The main culprit is emotion.  Our software does not have emotion and therefore applies the rules in a disciplined fashion on a daily basis.  As soon as a company fails to satisfy the 3 fundamental questions, it is sold.  The software does not fret about the decision, let emotion get in the way or worry about gains or losses.  It is not motivated by end of quarter bonuses.  It simply executes the rules.  Our 18 years of research shows that these rules, when executed in a disciplined fashion tend to deliver higher returns at lower risk.