3 simple questions

It all starts with 3 simple questions that underpin the long-term success of any business.

  1. Is the company making money from its core operations?
  2. Can the company pay its bills from its cash on hand?
  3. Is the company structured to reward investors like me?

Every day, our smart software application systematically analyzes the financial statements, filed with the SEC, of all publicly-traded U.S. companies. Using the three simple questions as input, our smart software application classifies all companies, at points in time, as: Green, Yellow, or Red.

Green companies pass all 3 questions
Yellow companies fail 1 question
Red companies fail 2 or 3 questions

Next, our Automated Active Money Manager applies other proprietary methods and selects a subset of all Green companies (Green Zone Select™), constructs an initial portfolio for you, and makes ongoing “buy” and “sell” decisions.

The Result: Consistent, disciplined application of a strategy, without the variability of human “stockpicking.”